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Things To Know About Morgan Silver Dollars

The Morgan silver dollar coin is composed of 90% pure silver, and the remaining 10% is copper. The silver content in the dollar coin is twenty-four grams. The Morgan silver dollar is valuable and famous because they are durable. Copper and silver in the coin are what makes it durable and ideal for long term investments.

These silver coins were minted from 1878 up until 1904. After about twenty years, their production was begun again in 1921, and this was for a final production run. Lavere Redfield, who was a farmer, became the greatest collector of the Morgan silver coins. Redfield gradually collected the coins when it was worth its face value of $1. He was one of famous investors of his time, and he died when he was worth over 100 million dollars. A considerable portion of his fortune came from his dedicated collection of Morgan silver dollars. When he died, his collection of the silver coins fetched over $7 million when they were auctioned.

The value of the Morgan silver coins has increased significantly since then. However, some coins are more valuable than others, depending on their scarcity. The most valuable like the Morgan Silver Dollars coins include those with the CC stamp inscribed on them. The CC is an abbreviation for Carson City, and when you find a silver coin with such writings, you can know they were minted at the city at the time of the silver strike. The Morgan Silver coins were also minted in other areas such as Denver, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Philadelphia.

The coins produced in different cities contain the specific stamp that identifies the mint from which they were forged. The most prestigious Morgan silver dollar coin one can possess is the 1895 PF-68. Mint records have it that in 1895, 12000 silver coins were minted together with 880 specimens. Of all these coins, only about 80 can be traced, and that is why they are so valuable. Where the rest of the coins disappeared is still something to be researched on.

These 1895 Morgan silver coins such as can fetch $120 000 or more at an auction. There are many unconfirmed theories about where the rest of the coins disappeared after they were produced. Some people believe they were not actually minted. Others have theorized that the coins were melted immediately; they were minted, and the public never got the chance to buy them or access them in circulation. If you want to invest in the Morgan silver coins, do enough research and only deal with reputable companies to minimize the risk of losing your investment.

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